Cooperation With Universities

Eastern Mediterranean University

With its highly developed infrastructure, prominent academic staff members, 16,000 students from 110 and 1,100 academics from 35 different countries, quality programs in English, the opportunity of learning a second foreign language, student exchange programs, rich sports, social and cultural activity opportunities, international accreditations, an international teaching context, and a diploma recognised throughout the world, EMU prepares its students for their international careers by educating them in becoming creative and competitive individuals with entrepreneurial skills.

Near East University

The Near East University (, established in 1988, is located in Nicosia, capital of North Cyprus, and as an international higher education institution employing highly qualified staff, offers the most extensive undergraduate and postgraduate education opportunities to over 26 thousand students coming from over 100 countries. The Near East University has 20 faculties comprising 220 departments and programs, 8 graduate schools with around 218 graduate and postgraduate programs, and 3 high schools, 28 research institutes, and has several international memberships.

Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University is located in North Cyprus, just outside the capital city of Nicosia. Founded in 1997, the University offers over 100 degree programs to students from over 100 countries. The university is affiliated with the Levent Group of companies and has close links with companion enterprises in construction, international trade, manufacturing, energy, banking, dairy farming, poultry farming, agriculture, and various other sectors. This enables the university to offer an outstanding hands-on learning experience spanning the classroom, campus, and a wide variety of work environments.